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​​Domestic Glass

Stained Glass is for anyone looking to bring some authentic, classical or modern splendour to their home or workplace.
We understand the life enhancing quality of light and colour, using it to create a beautiful effect in your home whilst adding total privacy.


Decorative glass panels may achieve a rich effect but a window must fulfil three purposes. Admit light and security but also keep out the rain, cold and wind. Leaded glass is the traditional way of assembling stained pieces of glass and offering strength against these elements. This technique has been used for centuries and is still in use today.
The process involves cutting pieces of glass to individually shape them and inserting them in channelled lead, or lead cames. The lead is cut and soldered at the joints to form a panel.
The window is then weather-proofed and strengthened further by filling the gaps between the glass and lead with putty cement.
For larger panels, metal saddle bars are introduced into the window frame. The window is tied to these bars with copper wire. Saddle bars add extra strength, durability and support to these larger panels.

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