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Restoration and Ecclesiastical Buildings

Damage to Stained Glass is caused by various factors, from environmental deterioration to vandalism.  Protection and restoration is important to preserve Historical Glass for present and future generations.

Damaged lead lights are assessed in terms of construction, design and materials. The best approach is considered depending on the amount of damage.
A small damaged area or cracked pane is often taken care of with the panel in situ, without having to remove the entire panel. These broken panes are replaced with a piece of glass matching the original colour, tone and texture.

Larger panels suffering severe damage, buckling and bowing will require many hours of work and will have to be removed whilst a temporary glazing panel is fitted in place.  Documentation, measurements and keen details are noted to ensure an exact representation of the original window. Any broken glass is repainted and the old lead is replaced, giving these panels a new lease on life.

Cape Town Stained Glass window repairs broken leaded glass
Cape Town Stained Glass window repairs broken leaded glass
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