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     Glass Painting

Most historical themes in Stained Glass include figures inspired by religion. Today a diversity of styles has developed as more artists use glass as a medium of expression.

Glass painting is a highly regarded art form with many varieties. Our studio provides classical representation as well as a more contemporary range of styles, while still using the traditional methods of painting and staining.

Traditional methods involve painting onto the glass surface using specialized glass paints that require firing with a kiln. This causes the paint to bond permanently with the glass. A painted panel might require up to three firings. Starting with Trace Paint for the figure and main design lines, a Matt Paint for backgrounds and adding shadows and finally a Silver Stain. Silver Stain is used to add another dimension of colour, in a variety of shades, red, yellow and orange.

We also incorporate the use of acid etching and sandblasting to create a deeper variation in tone, shade and line.

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